Now You Can Deal With The Painful Cold Sores With Rasa Parpati

Cold sores are really hard to get rid of and they really dent your confidence. Just the name cold sore is enough to affect you physically and mentally. Is it possible to get rid of these painful and annoying cold sores? Does the cold sore treat naturally? Well, the people suffering from cold sores can understand the importance of an effective treatment option for cold sores very well.  Today, we are going to tell you an effective and natural or in the other words, ayurvedic treatment for cold sores.  So, read the article carefully to get know the cure for cold sores.

Cold sores

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Cold sores are commonly occurred due to the intervention of herpes virus into your body. Herpes is one of the common sexually transmitted viruses of this century. It can affect you physically and mentally too. Herpes has commonly two forms- oral herpes and genital herpes. Oral herpes is the most common form of herpes that is affecting millions of people around the globe. Oral herpes causes painful sores and blisters on the mouth and lips. The bad thing is that you cannot conceal anything or especially the red-big cold sores on your mouth with a piece of cloth or makeup. They are highly contiguous and can spread through direct as well as indirect contact with an infected person.

Herpes can become active at any time and cause cold sores or the occurrence of frequent herpes outbreaks. You cannot delete the virus from the body as once it enters your body, it lies dormant in your nerve cells throughout your life. What you can do is only manage and control the condition and symptoms associated with the virus. Well, cold sores heal on their own within a week but if you want to cure them fast and do not want to deal them in future, you need to seek a right treatment fast and Ayurveda is the best option for you.

Rasa Parpati for Cold Sores

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Rasa Parpati for cold sores is one of the best ayurvedic medicines that can give you relief from pain and itching. Rasa Parpati is a common ayurvedic medicine that is widely used in Ayurveda for many health purposes. It is mainly used in the treatment of fever, dysentery, diarrhea, inflammatory conditions, hemorrhoids, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis and skin diseases including. It also helps to balance Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the body.

You might be thinking that there is no direct link between Rasa Parpati and herpes, then how it can cure cold sores. Well, true that these are not directly related to each other but they are interrelated. Yes, above you have seen that Rasa Parpati is used in the treatment of various skin issues and herpes is also a skin condition.   Rasa Parpati can effectively cure the cold sores and also reduce the pain, swelling, itching, and redness of the skin.

Ayurveda For Herpes

The medicinal properties and the natural herbs present in the Rasa Parpati make it an effective ayurvedic medicine for herpes or cold sores. The main ingredients of Rasa Parpati are Suddha Gandhak and Suddha Parada. These are effective in dealing with the cold sores and other skin issues. The powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of Rasa Parpati also help to reduce the inflammation and to kill the herpes virus to some good extent.

The good news is that this ayurvedic medicine, as well as all other ayurvedic medicines, are side effects free. It means Rasa Parpati will not give you any type of side effects as well as cure the problems from the roots. You might have known that antivirals can gift a headache, nausea, and dizziness as free. Rasa Parpati is completely safe and for the dosage, you can consult an ayurvedic doctor. Ayurvedic medicines are the best options for treating the herpes virus. Give a try to Ayurveda and get rid of cold sores easily and naturally.


How Common is Genital Herpes In Men

Genital herpes is one of the most common forms of herpes virus. Herpes simplex virus is responsible for this virus. Most cases of the genital herpes are caused due to herpes simplex virus type 2. Genital herpes can affect the both men and women. Any sexually active person whether a man or woman can get this virus through direct and indirect contacts with an infected person. Herpes simplex virus can cause both genital herpes and oral herpes.

Herpes Infection In MenHerpes is a lifelong virus that can be treated but has no cure. So, once you get genital herpes, you cannot get rid of it. It is really arduous to get rid of herpes virus completely because the virus lives dormant in the nerve cells throughout the years. The question is how to recognize the symptoms of genital herpes? How common is genital herpes in men? There are some questions that can bother every herpes patient. With the help of this article, you will get the answers to all these questions as well as understand all the facts related to genital herpes.
If you are thinking that genital herpes is more common in women only, you are wrong. A number of men also infected with genital herpes. There is one out of nine men aged 14 to 49 years in the USA has genital herpes. This shows that how common is genital herpes in men. In actual, this number only represents a small number of actual cases of HSV 2 in men because 90% of the men having genital herpes are not aware of their infection. This is all because herpes does not always show visible symptoms. If it shows, you can experience severe herpes outbreaks. Let me tell you the common symptoms of genital herpes in men.

Herpes Virus sa
Genital herpes can cause painful sores and blisters in the genital parts of the body. It is more common with genital herpes to be present with no symptoms at all in men. This makes it easier to transmit the virus to other person and it is more difficult to prevent the virus from spreading. You would not believe but men are at higher risk to spread this virus to a female partner than females to their male partner. All of these reasons make it necessary for the men to have a herpes test either yearly or periodically depending on the individual risk factors.

Most of the men have found the herpes virus type 2 only after they have experienced an outbreak of painful blisters in the genital parts of the body. The initial outbreak typically occurs within several days to a week after exposure to the virus. Well, some of the other genital herpes symptoms include -:
• Abnormal sensation such as itching, burning and tingling in the genital region.
• Flu like symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and headaches.
• Pain while urinationHerpes symptoms
• Swollen and tender lymph nodes in the genital.
• Muscles aches and pain in the groin and low back.
If you experience these symptoms within a couple of days of sexual intercourse, these are the indication that genital herpes has invaded the body and produced an infection. However, for a number of men who have never experienced an outbreak, these signs are only the indication of their infection. Genital herpes in men can create physical discomfort. Herpes test is really necessary to know the truth whether you have herpes or not.
Now, you might have understood that genital herpes is so common in men. You might have also understood the symptoms of genital herpes in men. Luckily, genital herpes rarely causes any complication or long-term medicinal problem. It spreads by genital to genital and skin to skin contacts. Prevention can decrease the chances of the spreading of herpes virus. Well, it is better to avoid sexual contacts if you have herpes to protect your partner from this nasty infections.
Genital herpes in men can affect them mentally too. You may feel embarrassed or guilty to have this virus but this is not a matter of shame. You can get relief and a better life having no herpes outbreaks with the help of some effective treatment option such as herbal remedies. So, try to seek an effective treatment option and reduce the frequency of genital herpes outbreaks in men. With the help of herbal remedies, you can even kill the virus to some good extent. So, make the virus inactive and live every moment of your life happily.



I think that almost all of my intelligent friends are aware of herpes and its threat. You must be trying to find the answer to a most terrible question i.e. “How to get rid of herpes”? If you are one of them, you are at a good platform. Remember at you will find almost all types of natural home remedies of diseases. Today our topic is “colloidal silver herpes treatment”. I think it would be unfair to go directly to the article without discussing silver and its colloidal solution. We know you are intelligent and know the term silver and herpes. Yet we want to discuss them in very short and it will take only a few seconds. Let’s take some overview of silver and herpes.


Silver is a metallic element with the atomic number 47. Its symbol is Ag. Silver has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes and has been studied to show its effectiveness and safety. We are using silver for its preservative, treatment and cure and purifier properties. It is considered safe if used in recommended dosages, and if you use a good quality product.


Man with cold sore

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which spreads only by the very close physical contact (oral sex, anal sex, natural sex). If your partner already suffers from herpes, you are more likely to get herpes infection. Herpes simplex virus is responsible from herpes. This herpes simplex virus is categorized as herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV 1) and Herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV 2).
Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV 1) causes oral infection (mainly it is developed due to oral sex) and herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV 2) causes genital problems (pain in penis and vagina etc). If a person experiences herpes, it is not necessary that symptoms will appear. Herpes symptoms may or may not appear. Sometimes symptoms produce problems very frequently and sometimes they produce problems may be one or two times in your lifetime. This is herpes, although there are a lot of things associated with it, we will now talk about colloidal silver for herpes. Now we are going to discuss the colloidal solution of herpes.

How to make colloidal silver:

We can easily make colloidal silver. Take a solution of 99% of pure silver and 1% of purified water. Now pass an electric current through this solution using silver wire. This process will produce ions which work same as anti-respiratory effects.

How this solution helps in herpes:

Collidal Silver For Herpes

Every living being needs to breathe to intake oxygen and release of carbon dioxide for their preservation. Micro-organisms whether it is bacteria, fungi or virus faces one problem i.e. they cannot perform the job of breathing directly. They want some types of enzymes which help them to do bacteria’s oxygen metabolism process. This colloidal silver solution does not attack directly on the microorganism. This colloidal silver solution takes a different way to treat herpes. The silver in the colloidal silver solution inhibits the growth of these harmful microorganisms by deactivating the bacteria’s oxygen metabolism enzymes. If we go a little bit deeper in biology, we explain it like the ions in colloidal silver also attach directly to bacteria cell membranes, producing the anti-respiratory effect.
We know that every living being has its own unique DNA by which it replicates. The ions from the silver solution unwind the DNA so inhibit the replication of bacteria. So we can say that this colloidal solution can kill a variety of viruses and bacteria. A study shows that this colloidal silver solution can also kill staph and E.coli microorganisms.


There are a number of colloidal silver solutions which are available in the market. But most of them are not the true colloidal solution of silver. Ions based silver solution is very popular because of its low price. It contains a very low amount of silver, so it is not a true colloidal solution. It creates a problem in the body.
Silver protein based colloidal solution is also popular in the market and this is more dangerous for us than the ion based colloidal solution. The main risk in using silver protein-based products is that you may get argyria (which turns your skin permanently into blue-gray and we can call it irreversible skin condition). Ultimately, this is up to you either you want to use this colloidal silver solution or not. If you decide to move forward with this treatment, you must be able to distinguish between true colloidal silver products from those that are not true colloidal silver. So use it carefully or go for some other form of treatment to treat your herpes. Be fit and stay healthy.

Epsom Salt for herpes

Epsom Salt Herpes Remedy to Heal Blisters Faster

Why does General Practitioner usually recommend Epsom salt for genital herpes treatment? Does Epson salt really have any kinds of fruitful effect over the genital herpes malady? If yes, how does it positively function to genital herpes illness? Presently, here in this article, we will attempt to discover the answers to the aforementioned questions.

Do You Know About Genital Herpes?

Genital herpes represents the sickness in which either herpes simplex virus 2 influences genital portions of the body or herpes simplex virus 1 causes the infection in the genital parts. Both types of Genital Herpes Infectionmicroorganisms can lead to the disease of genital herpes, though, herpes simplex virus 2 primarily leads to the infection of herpes. It’s believed that once the herpes virus intrudes in the body, it is not practicable to delete this virus from the body. Hence, the truth that we’ve to perceive that there is no permanent cure for herpes sickness available. Hence, forget the permanent cure for herpes till the permanent herpes cure is found. Try to focus on the thing that is in your hand; do not waste precious time in searching the permanent cure for herpes disease.

Epsom Salt for Genital Herpes

Epsom salt

When it comes to the therapy of genital herpes, the importance of applying Epsom salt automatically increases. Epsom Salt for genital herpes acts like a panacea for treating the wounds and the watery blisters formed by genital herpes. Any patient can comfortably manage the signs and symptoms of genital herpes by the application of Epsom salt. Epsom salt holds certain important elements that have the adequate capabilities to manage the outbreaks of herpes malady. Epsom salt for genital herpes is highly admired all around the planet to speed up the treating process of herpes wounds. It also helps to decrease the treating time of the herpes outbreaks. If applied straightly to the influenced area, it has the enough capability to eradicate the cold sore, blister and watery lesion. Other primary symptoms can be also managed through using the Epsom salt for genital herpes.Epsom Salt The primary component available in the Epsom salt is Magnesium. Researchers do claim that the element of magnesium is extremely advantageous for our body as it supports to strengthen the muscles, enhances the enzyme and nerve function & provides the sufficient strength to combat genital herpes. Here we need to aware the fact that herpes virus usually makes a home in the nerve, hence, having the sufficient amount of magnesium in the body supports to inhibit the growth rate of herpes virus & at the similar time, it helps to eliminate the outbreaks of herpes infection. Magnesium also blessed with the power of anti-inflammatory properties which can be followed to manage the condition of swelling led by the genital herpes malady. The patient of genital herpes can also pursue Epsom salt for diminishing the acute pain caused by genital herpes. Stress and not having required sleep can lead to the aggravation of herpes outburst. Researchers claim that the application of Epsom salt may have the ability to delete the stress and improve the condition of sleep disorder.

Watch this video to know “Common Causes, Diagnosis And Natural Treatment For Herpes”.

What Can Resveratrol Do For Herpes Infection!

Resveratrol found in grapesResveratrol can be simply defined as a polyphenol which has myriads of health benefits. It is a potent natural component that naturally exists in blueberries, raspberries, grapes and in red wine. It is believed that Resveratrol acts like anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. Antioxidants found in Resveratrol can protect the cells from the damage that may cause by the free radicals. It is extensively known to combat numerous sorts of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart diseases and even herpes infection.

 What is herpes and How Resveratrol can be beneficial to treat it?

Herpes can be simply defined as an infection caused by the pathogen named herpes simplex virus. There are two types of pathogens lead to the formation of herpes infection such as herpes simplex virus 1 (causes oral herpes) and herpes simplex virus 2 (causes genital herpes). What Is Herpes SimplexOral herpes generally caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 but sometimes may also form genital herpes. Herpes simplex virus 2 most often leads to the occurrence of genital herpes but in some cases, this pathogen can also lead to the evolvement of oral herpes infection. Since the herpes pathogen sheds deep into the cell membrane it is not feasible to eradicate the pathogen of herpes from the body by any methods. This simply means if you have the herpes infection, this will not be getting treated at least for now. Both sorts of herpes viruses are stubborn that don’t easily under control that’s why the patient has to do extra effort to combat.
As far as the treatment of herpes infection is concerned herpes patients have a number of treatment options to follow. However, using the Resveratrol can have the profound influence on the herpes infection. The strong anti-inflammatory agents exist in Resveratrol can have enormous influence on the inflammation caused by either herpes simplex virus 1 or by the herpes simplex virus 2. ResveratrolBoth types of infection can be managed easily managed by the usage of herpes infection. Antioxidants are the main component found in Resveratrol that’s why the scientists have shown the huge interest in it. Antioxidants are the greatest protector of body’s cells. When there are lacks of antioxidants in the body the cell becomes extremely vulnerable to get damaged by the free radicals and as a result, the herpes symptoms occur in more severe form. Having sufficient amount of antioxidants in the body is must essential thing to combat the severe indications caused by the herpes infection. Antioxidants not only help to control the severe indications but are also beneficial to improve the immune system. The antioxidants found in Resveratrol have enormous influence on the immune system. The immune system can be easily strengthened by antioxidants. So a herpes patient can substantially use Resveratrol to manage the indications formed by the herpes infection.
Resveratrol can be also used to manage the condition of other diseases. Since Resveratrol holds the power of potent anti-inflammatory properties, it could be extensively fruitful to improve the overall cardiovascular system. Resveratrol asThe condition of arthritis is all about inflammation and the usage of Resveratrol can profoundly reduce the inflammation caused by arthritis. It is also known to be effective in controlling diabetes as it helps to prevent the insulin resistance. It is also believed that Resveratrol can reduce the risk of cancer.
Resveratrol is an amazing option that you can follow, but, in case you are not able to approach this remedy, there are further more options for herpes treatment. Click here to know about some more herbal remedies for the herpes cure.

10 Lesser known natural remedies to treat herpes for good

HSV-1 & HSV-2

Herpes is a viral infection which is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 and HSV-2). There are two types of herpes diseases and both are contagious. The first type is oral herpes and the second one is genital herpes. Although HSV1 can cause genital herpes, HSV-1 is associated mainly with oral herpes. Herpes can be itchy and painful or it can affect both men and women. It generally appears in the form of small, red, liquid filled blisters or sores near the mouth, eyes, lips, and genitals. Herpes is highly contagious which can cause many severe diseases like cancer, brain infections, and chicken pox.


The severity of each of this condition can vary to from one person to other. In men, the symptoms occur in buttocks, anus, thighs, penis, and scrotum, inside the penis or inside the urethra. For women, it appears on cervix, buttocks, anal, vaginal area, and external genitals. Once a person gets infected with herpes, there are four stages that usually seen, when infection is manifested. These include the primary stage, the latent stage, the shedding stage, and recurrences. Some causes of herpes are kissing, unprotected vaginal or anal sex, skin contact with an infected person, surgery on the genitals, and intercourse with multiple partners, weakened the immune system, illness or stress. Primary symptoms are fever, pain while urination, red aching blisters around thighs, buttocks, genitals, and rectum, virginal discharge (in women), ulcer and cervix (in women) etc. recurrent symptoms are itching and tingling around the genitals, ulcers, and blisters on the lower parts of the women’s womb.

Home remedies for herpes

Do you know someone who is suffering herpes infection? Or are you suffering from herpes? One single word of herpes can send people into panic mode. The pain and discomfort that are associated with this condition are definitely not bearable. I know no one wants to be in the herpes victim list. There are certain types of remedies which can help you to treat your outbreaks. Would you like to know about them? Let’s take a look at 10 lesser known home remedies for herpes outbreaks.

Tea tree oil for herpes

tea-tree-oilTea tree oil has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Tea tree oil comes from the plant that belongs to Australia and it has established itself as one of the best home remedies for herpes and other stores. If you apply tea tree oil at the first sign of the outbreak, you may prevent the outbreak altogether.
Method – You need olive oil and tea tree oil. Wash your hand with mild soap or hand wash and then dry out completely. If you are using tea tree oil for the first time, you should use carrier oil or almond oil. With the help of dropper or cotton ball, apply this oil on your affected area but be careful, do not apply this oil in other areas of your body. If you want to know more about the benefits of tea tree oil for herpes, click here.

Aloe vera gel for herpes

aloe-vera-gelAloe vera is an ancient remedy that is used to treat various health conditions for thousands of years. You can buy aloe vera gel or grow your own aloe vera plant. Aloe vera is clinically tested to cure herpes outbreaks. Aloe Vera is composed of various anti-oxidants and is particularly helpful in reducing inflammation. It also contains salicylates which can give you relief in pain associated with herpes.
Method- Take fresh aloe vera leaf or buy pure aloe vera gel. Wash Aloe Vera leaf with water and cut a slice of the thick juicy aloe leaf. Apply one of the jelled parts directly on the affected area.

Garlic for herpes

garlicGarlic is a very common ingredient in everyone’s home. This has been used to cure numerous of health conditions since thousands of years. Garlic is nature’s best remedy which has anti-microbial properties which can remove bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Studies show that garlic contains allicin and ajoene (a compound) which are effective to alleviate viruses.
Method- Take one garlic clove, chop them and add chopped garlic in boiled water. Let the water cool down to room temperature. Take a bath with this water to cure your outbreaks of genitals.

If you want to know the full chemistry between garlic and herpes, click here

Honey for herpes

honeyHoney has been recognized as a natural antibiotic and healing agent. It has been used for its antimicrobial and wound healing properties since thousands of years. According to studies, honey is very effective to cure herpes outbreaks. It helps in quick healing of herpes blisters and sores.
Method- You can directly apply honey on your affected area. Click here to know details about – “can honey cure herpes?”

Holy basil

basilThis is very old but effective remedy to cure various health related problems. Like any other natural ingredient, holy basil also has antimicrobial, anti-oxidants and immunomodulation properties. It is one of the best natural anti-viral herbs for herpes. Due to its anti-microbial properties, holy basil herb is used topically and internally to cure bacterial, viral and fungal infections including genital herpes.
Method- Boil some water and add holy basil leaves in boiling water. Put off the flame and let it steep for another 5 minutes. Strain and drink, if you want you can add one tablespoon of honey in this.

Tea bags

tea-bagTea bags have been used to treat inflammation and irritation of the eyes. They can also be used to cure inflammation caused by herpes outbreaks.
Method- You just need to soak the tea bag in warm water for a minute and let it cool. Use the tea bag as a compressor on the affected area.

Lemon balm

lemon-balmLemon balm has antiviral properties. It also contains eugenol which contains an anti-bacterial compound. Apply lemon balm herb topically to get instant relief from itching, swelling, and pain caused by herpes.
Method- Take 4 sprigs of lemon balm leaves or 2 tablespoons of lemon balm leaves. Take 2 cups of water and boil along with lemon balm leaves. Drink the tea. If you want you can wash the affected area with this tea. Read more to know about lemon balm and herpes.

Ice pack

ice-packsIce is another effective way to cure herpes outbreaks. The cold temperature helps reduce the inflammation and may inhibit the virus.
Method- Crush some ice cubes and place in a plastic bag. Wrap the bag in a thick cloth and place on the affected area of the skin. Let it sit for 15 minutes and continue this method several times in a day. Do not leave the ice too long on your skin.

Oregano grape root

Oregano grape root is generally considered as the substitute of goldenseal herb. It has strong anti- microbial property which contains the germ-killing component.
Method- Add ½ cup of water to 1 tablespoon of oregano grape tincture and stir. Place this on your affected area and allow it to dry naturally. Repeat this process 4 times in a day.


peppermintPeppermint oil for herpes is one of the best options to get rid of this condition. Peppermint reduces herpes outbreak and soothes the pain and inflammation.
Method- Rip peppermint leaves into small pieces. Allow the leaves to dry completely for the whole day. Boil one glass of water and add 2 tablespoons of the leaves. Boil this water for 5 minutes then strain. Drink this water with a sweetener if needed. Or apply peppermint oil directly on the herpes sores with the help of a cotton ball.
Herpes symptoms cannot be cured by home remedies because this is an incurable disease. This is a chronic disease and once its virus enters in your body then it will always remain within your immune system. It is a known fact that people can spread this virus to another even if they don’t have visible sores. It is true, but you can control your symptoms by using those remedies which I have mentioned above.

Herpes Cure :Easy Natural Herpes Cure By Dr. Sebi

What do you think about herpes cure? I know that most of the herpes patients don’t agree that herpes is a curable illness. though it’s a true reality that herpes ailment is now curable infection through the natural remedy. You don’t require to admire the medicines like acyclovir, valacyclovir, famcyclovir, and Valtrex or any varieties of creams. These medications just cannot illness & using these medicines for long may definitely lead to certain unwanted effects. Olive oil can be used as a moisturizer for herpes cold sore and lesion. Olive oil holds anti-oxidant that that helps to fight better from herpes illness. Going for lemon balm as an ointment can diminish the acuteness of herpes indications. Read more to know the benefits of lemon balm for herpes.                                     Mushroom carries natural chemical that assists to erase the herpes virus and at the same time stops further outbreaks of herpes disease. Going for a warm bath can really help you to get relief the intensity of herpes symptoms. You can also pursue baking soda to dry up the herpes cold sore and blister. This will support to diminish itchiness & pain for a long time.
Corn-starch assists absorbing the excessive quantity of moisture from the watery lesion & cold sore. Echinacea is a plant which carries antiviral supports preventing further outburst of herpes forever. Propolis is a waxy substance which assists to diminish the intensity of herpes signs as well as helps to heal herpes sickness. Applying ice packs on the affected portion may reduce the acuteness of herpes symptoms.